Super smart ideas on how to keep your house fresh and free of allergens! Read the following air duct tips

You will love the following air duct tips and receive plenty of ideas on how to take care of them plus prioritize your needs. Find out more about the consequences of not having the ducts cleaned and the importance of having them replaced on time

Expand your knowledge on air duct cleaning and get practical ideas by reading the tips shared on this page.

All households will find the following air duct tips helpful. It does not matter what your home is like or how big your family is. Read the information attentively to avoid missing important details. Do everything as required to enjoy greater safety and savings on your energy bills.

Consider the trade-off between air filter efficiency and HVAC efficiency

The job of air filters is to capture particles contaminating the HVAC system. However, in order for filters to do a good job, they slow down the air flow and cause the system to work harder. That is why you should opt for filters which can capture the largest possible amount of contaminants without making the system inefficient.

Clean the dryer filter before and after using the appliance

Take the filter out and remove all the lint stuck on it. You can do this easily by hand without any tools.

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