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Are you looking for clean cut answers to several air duct related questions? Check out the answers offered below. Learn more about ducts, the effects of air duct maintenance and the significance of dryer duct cleaning!

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If you have heard about air duct cleaning for the first time or require extra information to make the right decision, check out the answers to some of the most popular questions on this topic and related ones. Get important details and make full use of them.

Get clear and informative answers to some of the most commonly asked questions in the field of air duct cleaning.

Why is there energy loss due to ducts?

Air ducts cause energy loss when they are damaged or old. In the case of the former, our specialists explain that cracks cause air loss. The HVAC unit doesn't get sufficient air to produce the right temperatures and keeps on working harder. In the case of old ducts, energy loss is due to long ducts. Consider air duct replacement and install shorter ducts for enhanced efficiency.

How can I tell if my air ducts are clean?

The best way is to perform a visual inspection before and after the cleaning. There should be no visible dust or debris.

How do electrostatic HVAC air filters work?

They have polyester fibers which are closely packed together and attached to a metal frame. When air passes around the fibers, they become electrically charged. The charge enables the filters to collect larger numbers of smaller particles such as pollen. There are both disposable and permanent electrostatic air filters to choose from. Consider their efficiency rating to make the right choice.

How does dust get accumulated inside the air ducts?

Dust typically gets inside through leaks and holes in the ductwork. The sections where two ducts are connected and where ducts are attached to registers and vents are the most vulnerable to leaks. Additionally, if the air which is distributed by the HVAC system doesn’t get properly filtered, it will carry dust and some of it will remain inside the ducts.

Can I stay in my house during the service?

Yes. You can remain in your home during our cleaning without a problem. However, you should stay away from any of our equipment and not block any of the air passages or vents that we clean in order to not hinder our progress and avoid any possibility of an accident or injury.

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