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Our experienced specialists in Saratoga use only the best air duct cleaning techniques, equipment and products.

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Looking for reliable and effective air duct cleaning services? Our professional company is here to provide them. We have long experience in cleaning HVAC ductwork systems of all designs and sizes. Whether you have a complex or very old system, it will receive the best possible treatment. Rest assured that all contaminants found in the ducts will be removed for improving the indoor air quality in your home. Our solutions are comprehensive for achieving lasting results.Air Duct Cleaning in California

Professional Air Duct Cleaning Solutions

It is up to you to decide when to use our services. Many people do it when they notice increased amounts of dust and pollen in the rooms despite frequent surface cleaning. There are also those who have made cleaning parts of their HVAC maintenance schedule. No matter what your situation is, you will receive full professional services in the shortest imaginable time.

The work begins with full inspection. If there is any damage, it will be fixed. Our air duct repair techniques are safe, proven and effective, so you can be rest assured your duct will be in perfect condition.All dirt accumulations are identified during the inspection. Then they are removed from the surface using advanced machinery and tools. The loose dirt, dust and pollen particles are extracted with powerful suction. If air filter replacement is required, this task will be done as well. We are prepared to do everything necessary for giving you fresh indoor air and healthy living environment.

Our residential air duct cleaning services include the removal of microbial contaminants as well with the most common one being mold. They are treated with special equipment and materials. The treatment eliminates mold while being completely safe for people, pets and the ducts. Measures for preventing future growth are taken as well. It is our goal to give you maximum protection.

After all contaminants are removed, the surfaces are sanitized. This will keep them completely safe and more resistant to future accumulation. The indoor air will remain clean and free from dangerous allergens for longer. Count on us, at "Air Duct Cleaning Saratoga", to deliver the ideal outcome without any kind of delay. The job is done swiftly no matter how hard or complex it may be. 

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