The Worst HVAC Maintenance Mistakes

The Worst HVAC Maintenance Mistakes

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It is a fact that you have to keep the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system of your house in good condition. Otherwise, it will become inefficient and this will result in energy waste and other problems including lower or higher than the desired temperature and worsened home indoor air quality. The big question is how to maintain the HVAC system properly. You must be aware of the most serious mistakes that you can make and take special measures to avoid them.

Improper Air Filter Cleaning and More

The mistakes associated with the maintenance of the air filters can lead to contamination of the system and the air in the rooms with all sorts of dangerous particles from pollen to pet dander and hair. Failure to check the filters every six months is something you should never do. Annual maintenance is simply not sufficient. Set a quarterly schedule and follow it strictly. If the filter is damaged or in poor condition or if it has come to the end of its useful life, it must be replaced right away. The ideal replacement air filter captures a wide variety of particles effectively while being strong and durable.The Worst HVAC Maintenance Mistakes

Letting vegetation debris clutter around the condenser unit outside of the house is another major mistake that you must avoid. Our experts in Saratoga explain that these can cause blockage and poor performance. Some of them can get inside and make the problem worse. You should clean fallen leaves, twigs and other debris pieces from the area around the unit as soon as you notice them. Just keep in mind that this does not automatically eliminate the need for HVAC unit cleaning. The cleaning job involves the removal of substances such as hardened oil from inside the unit as well as dust and dirt.

Another one of the biggest mistakes that you can make is DIY air duct cleaning. You will not get the desired result without using professional equipment and techniques. You will most probably just stir up some dirt accumulations near the air vents and make the problem worse. You may also cause damage to the surface of the ductwork and this will pose the need for repair. Additionally, there is a risk of injury if you do not get things right. There is really no point in wasting so much time and effort.

Missing the annual tune-up can get you into serious trouble. The most obvious consequence of not including this step in yearly HVAC maintenance is that the system may start to work poorly and to use up more than the optimal amount of energy. Furthermore, this will most certainly result in breaching of the system's warranty. This can lead to much higher costs in the future.

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