Importance of Green Air Duct Cleaning

Importance of Green Air Duct Cleaning

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Air duct cleaning is very important for keeping the air duct system in good condition and making sure that indoor air is of high quality.  In an attempt to maintain both the working condition of air vents as well as indoor air quality, homeowners often select cleaning services without looking at the process or the methods used. After all, the end justifies the means.

Importance of Green Air Duct CleaningWhile it is true that a clean air duct can have a multitude of benefits, a lot of people advocate green air duct cleaning methods. This is because, according to them non-green air duct cleaning methods use chemicals that are actually harmful to one’s health. The air ducts may be cleaned but the homeowner and his family remains at risk because of them.

What can be found inside the air ducts?

The air ducts serve as passage of air from the HVAC unit in to the house. Since, cold air passes in it, it is only normal for the vents to retain moisture most of the time. This is where problems can begin to arise. With the presence of moisture, dusts can easily build up inside the vents, which can then be followed by other contaminants such as molds and mildew. These can be health hazards for people living in the house because the air they are breathing will be contaminated.

To make matters worse, the vents can be a perfect place for rodents to live in. These animals love dark and dirty places. With them in your vents, expect to be breathing air that is not only contaminated by dusts, mold, and mildew but also of rodent wastes. In order to address these issues, regular air duct sanitizing techniques make use of harsh chemicals to remove these toxins and rodents. The problem is that these chemicals themselves are health hazards.

So how do you go about cleaning your air ducts?

It would be wise to use the services of our air duct cleaning company that utilizes environment friendly approaches. The green approach does not use highly toxic chemicals rather natural cleaning and disinfectant agents are used. These are usually extracted from plants, which make them very safe for those living inside the house. What makes it very interesting is that experts found that these cleaning agents are far more effective than those strong chemicals regularly used in home air duct cleaning.

It is indeed true. The end justifies the means. If you are looking only at the cleaned air ducts, there is no difference between the regular approach and green method. The true difference can be seen when air quality is tested. It would be there that customers discover results vary in a highly significant manner.

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